Types of organisations

We want to fund work which addresses the challenges of local communities in areas of extreme deprivation.

The list  below  gives examples of organisations and projects we fund, but we are always interested to hear about different projects which provide appropriate solutions to local problems.

Our preference is for front line organisations working directly with people in need. We are unlikely to support campaigning, organisational development or capacity building. We will consider new work which is a logical extension of existing work, but do not support work which represents a significant shift away from your existing core aims and experience.

We offer grants to Charitable organisations (including CICs, social enterprises, not-for-profit registered companies and voluntary organisations) in England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.

    What We Don't Fund

    Read about the types of projects and organisations we do not currently fund
    • Community Support

      Information, advice and guidance services; community transport schemes; employability training; volunteering; healthy eating and living; foodbanks which support clients out of crisis into long term sustainability; intergenerational projects; befriending; community cohesion.

    • Community Centres

      Salary or running costs for community centres or village halls which offer a range of activities for all ages.

    • Alternative Education

      Support schemes for young people struggling in mainstream education; homework clubs; supplementary education classes for vulnerable individuals.

    • Counselling

      For any age in areas where statutory services are unable to cope with demand.

      Case study: Space2 Leeds
    • Family Support

      Early intervention; families coping with addiction; prisoners’ families.

    • Youth

      Youth clubs and detached youth work; after school and holiday clubs; opportunities for NEETs.

    • Substance Misuse

      Recovery projects.

      Case study: The 180 Programme