We are a grant making foundation giving grants to small and medium sized local organisations in the UK with a demonstrable track record of success working to address local issues in communities of extreme urban deprivation and deprived rural districts.

Our Mission

Trusthouse’s mission is to improve vulnerable lives in disadvantaged communities of the UK.

Our Values

Trusthouse has identified the following core values to underpin our work:

  • Focussed: The Trust continues to focus on the most severe areas of urban and rural deprivation, rooting its activity in local knowledge and experience.
  • Strategic: The Trust identifies under-funded areas of particular need and bases its strategy on authoritative national research and local evidence.
  • Supportive: As well as providing funds, the Trust builds supportive relationships with its beneficiaries as well as encouraging learning, sharing and collaboration between them.
  • Independent: The Trust retains its independence from all political and lobbying influence.
  • Collaborative:  The Trust will build strong partnerships within the sector, learning from all the work it undertakes and sharing that learning widely.
  • Effective: The Trust will keep all its processes under review in order to ensure that both staff, trustee and beneficiary resources are used to best advantage to achieve the greatest impact.

Our Objectives

TCF seeks to identify and support charitable initiatives that:

  • Strengthen local communities – by empowering local people, bridging divides, building neighbourhood connection, encouraging community participation, and fostering inclusion
  • Address causes of deprivation
  • Create opportunity for disadvantaged individuals
  • Champion small to medium-sized charities – by supporting grassroots, community-based charities and voluntary organisations in the UK, with frontline experience of service delivery for vulnerable individuals.

Our History

The Trusthouse Charitable Foundation was formed in 1997 following the merger between Trust House Forte plc and Granada plc. Following the sale of shares in Granada, the new ‘Trusthouse’ (rather than Trust House) became a registered charity in 1997, with investments totalling circa £80 million. The return from these investments provides the annual grants budget of some £2.5 million which is awarded to charitable organisations and projects.

Governance & Management

Trusthouse has a board of 12 trustees, who meet twice a year to determine the general policy of the charity. In between these dates, the Grants and Finance Committees meet four times a year: the Grants Committee to award grants and the Finance Committee to manage the investments which produce the annual grants budget. The Trustees have a wide range of skills and interests which is reflected in the broad remit of Trusthouse’s grants.  Their details are listed in the Annual Report. 

Trusthouse is managed on a day-to-day basis by Smith  Square Trading Ltd. a subsidiary of the Centre for Social Justice. The two charities are entirely independent of each other.

Annual Report & Accounts

Our Report and Accounts for 2019-20 is available to download.