We classify ‘rural’ as areas with less than 10,000 inhabitants in your village/town.

Your postcode must be within the most deprived 50% of the Index of Multiple Deprivation.

Please do not apply for a grant if you cannot satisfy this requirement.

Your community must be based in a remote, rural, economically-deprived area where there are few local facilities.  Transport may be an issue, incomes are low and there are limited opportunities for fundraising.

Your application should describe your community in your own words, explaining the everyday pluses and minuses for local people living there, giving a good grassroots sense of the people and place. We will then be able to understand the wider context of your work.

We want to fund work which is clearly related to addressing the local challenges of local communities in areas of rural deprivation. We have given examples of projects we have funded, but we are always interested to hear about different projects which provide appropriate solutions to local problems.

Northern Ireland

Organisations must be based in areas where local postcodes area based in the most deprived 50% of the Northern Ireland Index of Multiple Deprivation, with the exception of organisations in Belfast, Derry/Londonderry, Portadown and Lurgan where the postcode of the organisation must be within the most deprived 15% of the Northern Ireland Index of Multiple Deprivation