Family Support Work  works with marginalised families and their children in Sussex. These families are facing complex and inter-related issues. The organisation provides a wrap-around programme of support encompassing holistic, practical and emotional help through a combination of home visits, one-to-one meetings, small support groups and signposting to other agencies. Their ultimate aim is to help families navigate difficulties without falling further into crisis, grow stronger and to flourish in their communities. Families have access to FSW’s central services including toys, food bank, clothing, Winter Fuel Fund and Children’s Holiday Fund. Their support practitioners promote engagement with the community through support groups and drop-ins and a playwork team runs a play programme to reduce social isolation. A Major Grant of £30,000 was awarded towards the salary costs over 3-years for a Family Support Practitioner to provide parenting, mental health and tailored support to vulnerable families in Bognor Regis.

Man flying a kite on beach with a child