The 180 Programme is a community recovery programme in Lancashire and is one of the first of its kind in the UK. An adapted CrossFit programme combined with education, mentoring and peer support so participants are well physically, mentally and socially connected.  This training is structured, and the team approach gives it a strong community ethos. The aim is to break the cycle of substance abuse, crime and prison to help rebuild lives.  A Trusthouse grant of £7,500 was awarded to appoint a Project Co-ordinator which allowed the programme to reach out and bring new participants. A highlight was breaking down barriers between ex-offenders/people recovering from addiction and the local police force.  They ran a competition that got 50 participants working out and competing alongside police officers. The long term goal is to impact positively on criminal re-offense rates, improve local communities and to assist individuals in gaining education, volunteer and employment opportunities.

Cross fit training in a gym