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Types of Grant

What type of grant you apply for depends on:

  • the annual income of your organisation

  • the grant amount you are looking for

  • whether you are looking for capital costs or for running (i.e. core, salary or project) costs

Your organisation’s annual income

Grant Amount Sought

What is the grant for?

Grants Available – follow the links below to start your application

Under £500,000
£5,000 and
Capital and/or
running costs

Fast track

Under £500,000
£5,001 to
Capital and/or
running costs

Small Grant

Under £500,000
£10,000 to
Capital costs
Over £500,000, less than £5 million
£10,000 to
Capital costs

Large Grant


  • All grants are for 1 year only. Trusthouse prefers not to make grants in successive years.

  • Organisations with an income over £500,000 are not eligible for Small Grants or Fast Track grants.

  • Organisations with an income over £5 million are not eligible under any of the grant schemes.

  • Capital projects are only eligible where the total cost is £1 million or less.

  • Hospices are eligible for capital grants even if their income is over £5 million and the total project cost is over £1 million.

Follow this link for grants for projects outside the UK.

Follow this link for our Themed Grants programme.

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